Featuring David Martinez’s Video Portfolio This Week.

After spending all last week showing off our portfolios on appointments in NY, at the At Edge Face to Face event and in Los Angeles at Le Books’ Connections event, we were reminded how much people really appreciate flipping through an actual portfolio rather than clicking through one on line.

We know that timing and budget does not always allow for that, so we asked each of our artists to create a video of their portfolio for people to watch online.  It isn’t the same of course, but a little bit closer to the experience than a website.

This week we are featuring David Martinez.  See below for his full video.  To see the other videos from our group that we have posted so far, please link here.


Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.38.56 PM


Let’s Start Off the year with some RL Burnside and Andy Anderson

There is nothing quite like an RL Burnside song.  And, there is nothing quite like an Andy Anderson portfolio.  You can enjoy both here.  Welcome back!

Link here for video of Andy Anderson portfolio.

Link here for video of Andy Anderson portfolio.

And if you are interested in seeing any of the other video portfolios from our group, please link here.