In her own words, Leigh Beisch talks about the importance of paying attention to the details.


Leigh Beisch Ghiradelli Waffle Bowl

Leigh Beisch Ghiradelli Waffle Bowl

Leigh Beisch recently shot a project for Ghirardelli chocolates and was struck once again by how important the little details are to the success of a shoot.  Here were some of her thoughts.

“For a still shoot, it’s all about the details, even the smallest details.  Whether it be the garnish on the plate, a detail on a utensil or even a color choice for the table top, all the details contribute to the end result.  Especially the littlest of details.

I have always said that choosing the right props is crucial.  Not only do they help create the look, but they also support the brand too.  The right props works flawlessly with the product and partner with the rest of the elements to create the perfect image.  A recent example of this is a shoot we did for Ghirardelli.Ghirardelli is a retail brand known for it’s old fashioned ice cream parlor experience.  The look of its stores, packaging and advertising as well as the delectable rich taste of it’s treats, drinks and ice cream offerings supports this experience.  When you walk into a Ghiradelli location there is no mistaking where you are.

Their challenge to me was to update their old fashioned brand and make it feel current.

The easiest detail to address on the shoot was the lighting.  I knew that a brighter lighting would achieve a contemporary feel.  However, the propping was a bit more of a challenge.  The old fashioned look of the brand lent itself to old fashioned props so I needed to come up with a way to hint at that experience without distracting from the food product they were trying to sell.

My solution was simple.  I partnered with the stylist and looked for props with simple details that would not distract from the product.  We opted for a beautiful napkin with striking details and empty glasses in the background.  As we had hoped, the propping details hinted at the old fashioned experience without distracting from the main subject and made for a beautiful shot.”

To see more examples of how Leigh Beisch makes the littlest details shine, please do email us to see her portfolio.  Or, of course, link to Leigh’s site.

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