Leigh Beisch talks with Chronicle Books about what made her want to be a photographer and more.

Leigh Beisch - www.leighbeisch.com

Leigh Beisch has been photographing beautiful imagery for Chronicle Books for years.  She appreciated the partnership with them because so many of the books she has worked on were opportunities creative and inspiring.   So, when they asked if they could interview her for their blog, she was thrilled.

The questions Leigh was asked caused her to remember some of her most favorite projects as well as the ones that were most challenging.  She chatted some about color and what inspires her palette as well as what path lead her to photography.  She shares with the readers her most favorite low tech tool and what music she plays on set.

If you are looking for a way to get to know Leigh Beisch better, please read the entire interview here.

And, thank you to Allison Weiner of Chronicle Books for interviewing Leigh and of course all of your continued support.

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