Kevin Twomey shoots video because he likes it, not because he should.

There is a lot of conversation now about whether a photographer needs to be shooting video or not.  When a photographer asks us what we think, we always put it back on them and ask them if they WANT to shoot video or not.  Doing so can be a natural extension of what a photographer does on a still shoot so if it is something that a photographer is interested in adding to their capabilities than by all means they should learn to shoot video.  The more a commercial photographer has to offer a client in terms of value, the better.  However, if a photographer has no interest at all in the medium than why pursue it?

Kevin Twomey did not hesitate to learn the medium and look for new ways to incorporate it into his portfolio.  For a still life shooter, shooting video could have its challenges of course.  But, Kevin Twomey found creative and innovative ways to make his images move.

Here are three videos that Kevin created recently (click on image to start the video).  We look forward to seeing what he comes up with next (no pressure Kevin!).

And, if you are interested in seeing Kevin Twomey’s photography, be sure to link to his site here.

"Balloons" - Click on image to view video

"Machines" - Click on image to view video

"Simmons Beautyrest" - Click on image to view video

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