Which of our photographers can throw a javelin but is mortally afraid of insects?

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Representing a new photographer is always fun.  We not only get to review beautiful imagery but we get to introduce their work to new clients as well.  The most fun though is getting to know them better.  But, regardless of how long we have represented someone, we are always happily surprised when one of our photographers submits their Ten Things you Don’t Know About Me list.  Who knew Chris Crisman could throw a javelin?

Top Ten List of Things we Don’t Know About him.

1. Someday I would like to be able to say I’ve photographed in every state in the U.S.  I’m getting there.

2.   My wife is the creator of  Mean Cards.

3. I can throw a javelin and was recruited to college for it.

4. In high school I played the role of Tony in West Side Story. This was made possible from taking nearly 3 years of voice lessons.

5. I’m a terrible swimmer.

6. I’m mortally afraid of any insect that flies and can sting you.

7. I’ve been buying the same pair of boots and same type of jeans for the past 3 years. I don’t see this changing soon. I prefer to wear them every day.

8. in a 6 month stretch last year I photographed Jane Goodall, Michael Vick, Toby Keith, Sebastian Vettel, David Karp, and Pat Summit. I think my job is amazing and I am happy to continue working my tail off to keep it.

9. I’m disappointed when my clients are not wowed by the work I make. I’m more disappointed when I’m not wowed by the work I make.

10. I grew up around dogs as my mother had her groom shop in our house and we always had a couple dogs of our own.  My wife and I have two wonderful cats but no dogs.

To see more of Chris’ work and to get to know him better, link here.

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