Bella would have liked Miss Maggie. Say hello to Leigh’s new pug.

When we first met Leigh Beisch we thought one of the most endearing things about her studio (and there are many!) was her pug Bella.   Whenever we visited she would always be there – lounging in her bed or visiting with the friends she had made on the shoot.  She always made us smile and it was not unusual for us to take photograph of her on our way out.  It was a sad day when we heard that Bella passed away.  She was part of the studio in so many ways, not to mention part of Leigh’s family.

While Bella is of course not replaceable, Leigh did decide to start fresh with a new Pug.  Everyone is in agreement that indeed Bella would like Miss Maggie.  If you would like to meet her and read what Leigh has to say about Bell and Miss Maggie, be sure to link to her blog here.

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