Why We Print: some insight into Chris Crisman Studio

Recently I had to change the prescription for my glasses because my vision is getting worse.  I tease that it is because I am getting old (in the hopes that my kids will say, “No, mom.  You aren’t getting old!)  But, the reality is that I am staring at a screen all day long and it takes its toll.  I wake up and check my emails and news on my phone.  I sit at my desk all day long and return emails and work on estimates.  I edit images and create web sites for people to review.  I watch TV at night and before I go to bed check emails on my iPad and read a little on my Kindle.  I feel like lately I have to work hard to NOT be looking at a screen.

Well, I feel like that applies to our business as well.  For obvious reasons, people prefer websites over portfolios.  So much so that when we do show a portfolio, it is met with such enthusiasm.  People ooh and ahh and share with us how much they enjoy seeing a printed piece.  While they like the ease of the presentation on an iPad or a search on the web, there is no replacement for the good old fashioned portfolio.   I have come to appreciate this new praise the portfolios receive now because of that.

When I read the recent post on Chris Crisman’s blog titled, Why We Print”, I knew I had to share it.    The idea that printing is part of the soul of his studio is powerful and I knew could inspire many.  Thank you Chris and Robert for sharing  the why and not the how behind it all.

To read the blog post, link here.  To see ask to see Chris Crisman’s actual printed portfolio and see some of those prints live for yourself, link here.

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