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Just last week, Chris Crisman was interviewed for FotoFlock, a photo-community based in India.  They showcased some of his work and asked him a series of thoughtful questions.  One of my favorite questions asked him if his “love and association for sports has been instrumental in shaping his photography skills?”  I have heard Chris answer this question before and I think his answer is spot on.  My son is an athlete and I see that same drive, commitment and determination to his sport that Chris has to his craft.   That lesson is indeed a life one.

Here was Chris’ answer.

Has your love and association for sports been instrumental in shaping your photography skills? Can you tell us how?

“Sports and photography are very similar processes. As an athlete you strive to win and best yourself on every occasion you are tested. In order to achieve this, you have to devote time and energy to practice. Every time you make pictures as a photographer, you are practicing and honing your craft, while continually striving to make work that is better than what you already have. Personally, I can attribute a portion of my drive and success as a photographer to my experiences constantly practicing and performing as an athlete.

To read what else Chris has to say about the evolution of his work, the eype of equipment he uses,his thoughts on studio vs. location photography to where he gets his creative inspiration, be sure to link to the FotoFlock full interview.

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