Birth Water- sharing a powerful series by Andy Anderson on Baptism rituals in the south.

Andy Anderson always makes time to shoot for himself.  He schedules it like it is a commercial shoot and is so committed to it that isn’t easy to get him to move the dates!  I have always admired that about him and think that so much of his success is his insistence on making time for his personal work.  He has traveled all over the world photographing more things than many will see in a lifetime.   From bull fighters in Spain to transvestites in Cuba his images are epic and enthralling. We are never disappointed when he shares what he discovered.  That is why when he returned from a trip to the deep south we were expecting something amazing.  And, boy did he deliver.

This series has been the most talked about series in his portfolio. Every portfolio show we attend, people want to know the story behind the series. I asked Andy to let us know about his inspiration.  Here is what he shared.

“A major motivation in my photography is curiosity.  So much so that I named the photography book being published by Rizzoli,  just that; Curiosity.  I am constantly exploring things and seeking out those people that excite me most.  Over the years, many of the relationships with the folks I have met have become more important to me than many of the images.  I value so much the friendship and intimacy that goes into each one of my photographs.

That said, I tend gravitate to the moments in peoples lives that are magical, powerful and sometimes even raw.  I understand that there are very few times in your existence that you are able to actually witness such sacred times so when I do I am very appreciative.   I was fortunate enough to do just that at Camel Lake Campground in Bristol, Florida.

Since I spent my childhood growing up in the deep south, I constantly am drawn back to explore a place that I love dearly. One of my dearest friends that I have gotten to know on my travels is Reverend Shearer.  Over the years I wandered into her town many times and saw countless baptisms taking place.  I always felt privileged to be there but understood that  those were private moments not to be tampered with; but only to witness.  Over the years, the friendships with both Reverend Shearer and her congregation grew.

Well, last spring, I received a call from Reverend Shearer. She told me that she would love for me to come and photograph a baptism that she would be preforming in her home town. So I “Criss Angeled” myself  the next week to Florida.  There are no words that can explain the experience.  Trust me,  the human spirit is alive and well. ”

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