12 Tips for Photo Assistants on How to Be the Best That You Can Be.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs so my in box is often filled with information, ideas, opinions and photos from all different types of creative people.  Of all the blogs I read, Chris Crisman’s blog shares some of the most relevant commercial photography related information out there.  I am not just saying this because we represent Chris, but I really do believe it.  I am always proud to share what they post. 

In a recent post , Robert Luessen (Chris’ right hand)  and Chris, share with their assistants the top 11, well 12 actually, tips that the studio thinks are crucial for photo assistants to understand to be successful in commercial photography.

My absolute favorite is #3.  I am going to email it to the kids in my carpool.  It applies there too!

Click HERE to read the post for yourself.

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