Whose Playlist is this?

At a recent breakfast with David Martinez, we brainstormed about some ideas for a blog post.  We went back and forth on ideas and I knew none of them were inspiring him.  When I suggested sharing a playlist from his shoots, I could tell he was excited.  So much so that I received the post before the end of that very same day.  Thank you David!

Here is what he had to share:

“Who’s playlist is this?” It’s a question I hear all the time on set when shooting. I’m lucky to work  with so many creative and dynamic people every day – each with their own array of talents, tastes and party tricks.  Their  musical leanings are equally diverse.   There is the stylist who loves the Magnetic Fields, the makeup artist with a soft spot for Gloria Gaynor and the photo assistant that knows every lyric in the Beatles catalogue. Everyone’s got their own track to add.

Music plays a really important part of how we create a happy, productive work space.  With programs like Spotify, it’s so easy to share and  learn about new music and get into the deeper cuts of long time favorite artists (Bob Dylan has a Christmas Album?!). When it’s my turn to DJ – I usually put on this mix – 1300 songs that seems to stay fresh no matter how many times I listen to them – a playlist that has little something for everyone.


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