Behind the Scenes Video from Leigh Beisch Studio

Everyone loves a behind the scenes video so we thought sharing this one about an October shoot would be fun to share on Halloween.  Leigh Beisch recently posted this on her blog and here is what she had to say about it.  Enjoy!

“Recently we did a Halloween shoot for Delicious Living Magazine, which is a national healthy lifestyle magazine that you can pick up at places like Whole Foods. One of my clients came with her DSLR and shot this video of our shoot behind the scenes. At first I was nervous since I usually hate every photo of me ever taken- I guess that is the bane of being a photographer- being hyper critical of photos that represent you! I love what Erin did- so wanted to share. I was inspired by her gumption- she works full time and has two babies and found the time to learn how to shoot video! She also shot the video in a somewhat reluctant atmosphere- but she persisted and made something fun for her magazine.  She plans to post it on the Delicious Living Magazine Website soon.”

Link here to see video

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