What defines a photograph? Some controversy brewing over on Chris Crisman’s blog.

@Chris Crisman

@Chris Crisman

I always like it when a blog post gets people thinking and talking.  Sometimes the best part of the post ends up being the conversation being had in the comments.  Well, a recent post that Chris Crisman posted on his blog sure is starting a conversation about what defines a photograph.  If it is not created 100% in camera, is it still defined as a photograph?  If it was not created 100% in camera, can it win an award?

Well, Chris Crisman created a wonderful photograph that was recognized by the World Photography Organization’s 2012 World Photography Awards and it wasn’t created all in camera.  The ensuing controversy on blogs worldwide made Chris think long and hard about “What Defines a Photograph?”

Click to Chris’ blog directly to read what he has to say about it and how the story unfolded.

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