Ron Berg Goes to the Races for Derby Fashion. So Says Photoserve.

© Ron Berg

© Ron Berg

Last year, Ron Berg decided that he was going to photograph a long time passion of his, the people who attended the Kentucky Derby. His hopes were to showcase all that is special and unique about its people and their traditions, specifically the fashion.  The result was a vast collection of imagery that he just began sharing at the end of this year.

It is gaining a lot of attention from the mini portfolios he created and the imagery we are sharing online.  I think the introduction that appears in the mini portfolio sums up the project best.

“My introduction came about by marrying a Kentucky bride eons ago. I then became enthralled with the many things that make Kentucky what it is.

One of those things that always came to forefront was the Derby, it’s traditions, and it’s fashion. Be it the hats, the dresses, the suits, or the crazy infield attire,  I am intrigued by it all.

After some research I was unable to find any efforts to document the Derby fashion. Sure there are snapshots galore, but nothing extensive.

So we made it our mission to document DERBY FASHION!  And after a little rain, 95 degrees, and 100% humidity, and 500+ people we created the collection I was looking for all along.”

Just recently Photoserve featured the project on their website.  Link here to read the article and see which photographer was his inspiration for the project and how he pulled it all off.

And, enjoy the slideshow below.  To see the mini portfolio, just email us. 

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