Kind Words and Client Feedback are Always Appreciated

™ Chris Crisman

™ Chris Crisman

Back in December, Photo Editor Caitlin Peters had a chance to share with the readers of Photo District News what it is like to work with Chris Crisman.  It is always nice to be thanked and appreciated by a client, but it is extra special to be chosen by that very same client as the photographer spotlighted for an article on one of her most favorite photographers.  Thank you Caitlin.

One of my favorite quotes from the article is, “What makes Chris’s talent unique is that no matter who or what the subject is, he manages to capture details or emotions that most miss.  When photographing people, he has an uncanny ability to keep his subjects feeling comfortable, bringing them to a point of visual grace.  Inanimate subjects are treated with equal respect, and he is able to find beauty in nearly every space.”   The idea of Visual Grace is very powerful and describes what so many others see in Chris work perfectly.

Be sure to link here to read the article and then of course link here to see what Caitlin is all about.

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