Chris Crisman Launches his New Website.

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As anyone in this business knows, it is never an easy task to design a new website.   The design alone is a huge undertaking and then the uploading and sequencing always adds weeks to an already long schedule!  Congratulations to you and your studio for a job well done!  The images are large, the navigation easy, there are portfolios and libraries to review and the grid view is pretty cool.  Check it out yourself here.

And, if you like what you see and what to view his portfolio, that is easy enough. We have a video of it here for you.


3 thoughts on “Chris Crisman Launches his New Website.

  1. Sorry Heather, but the design has already been done ages ago by Rob Haggart and his team from Aphotofolio…..and as for the uploading, they got a nifty user interface that makes it a breeze, lets say a few hours including captioning. Its a matter of buying the template and start uploading.

    As for the edit and body of work…Well done!

    • Hi Vincent! Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog. And, to post. Yes, APhotoFolio team does have a site just like that – in fact – that is the template Chris uses. My post wasn’t meant to lead people to believe he designed it himself. Sorry for the confusion.

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