Thought Provokers, In Memoriam: June Beisch, Poet

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© Leigh Beisch

Last year this time, Leigh Beisch lost her mother to breast cancer.  On the anniversary of her passing, Leigh published a beautiful blog post celebrating her life and sharing the poems that her mom wrote.  June Beisch was an inspiration to so many, including of course Leigh.

Leigh wrote of her mother, “Having survived cancer for 30 years, she wrote poems that looked beyond the end of her own life. Poets, Mrs. Beisch wrote, seek “the dangerous places of the heart,’’ those spaces where on a snowy night in Cambridge:

you keep on writing your poems and some
are melting into nothingness and some
are sticking and holding on, reaching someone
making that small human contact and
then, in that world so full of endless dark,
the world becomes so white you think
that even you might leave a mark.

Leigh’s blog post is a beautiful dedication to her mother, a very special tribute to someone who was so obviously very inspirational to Leigh herself.

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