Have You Had a Chance to See Leigh Beisch’s New Website?

© Leigh Beisch

© Leigh Beisch

Just last month Leigh Beisch launched her new website.  As so many have experienced, and we are going through ourselves right now, it is not always an easy experience.  But, to look at Leigh’s site, you would never know.  It is clean, fresh and very much in keeping with her aesthetic.  Here is what Leigh had to share about the process.

“Building a new website can be a daunting task.  My last website wasn’t that old, but I decided to redo it because I liked the functionality of the new website.  I especially like the custom PDF function since we get a lot of requests for that- it is nice that a client can create their own collection of images from the website that is relevant to their project if they want to.  The challenge for me was how to personalize the website to make it more of an “experience” that reflects my me and my style.  The photos of course show that – but I am into having it be a holistic experience.  Every detail about the experience should be reflective of my vision.  So here it is.  I owe a lot to the team of folks who worked with me on the images and helped put the site together.”

Link here to enjoy the site.

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