Did you Miss Photoserve’s Feature with Chris Crisman on Space Travel, Richard Branson and Wired UK?

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 3.37.15 PM

The story that Chris Crisman shot for Wired UK (24 pages of photos – the largest amount ever published by the magazine!) sure has been getting a lot of press.  I guess that isn’t surprising since it features Sir Richard Branson and his space travel program, Virgin Galactic.

In anticipation of the January 1, 2014 lift off of SpaceShip Two, the Wired UK article shares photos from an unmarked location in the Mojave Desert and details Branson’s space travel dreams.  Click here and see for what Photoserve has to say about the whole thing and here to read the Wired UK article. There is no way my summary could do it justice.

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