Kevin Twomey Finds Inspiration on Vacation

Those of us who are not photographers try to stop thinking about work when we go on vacation.  Well, not Kevin Twomey.  Since his work is visual, he can’t very well turn off that part of his brain.  So, instead, he carved out some of his vacation time to find inspiration in his new surroundings and create some beautiful, captivating imagery.  Here is what he had to say about it.

“Vacation time is usually the time we stop our regular 9-5 routine and unwind.  We take pictures to capture the memorable aspects of this hiatus from our workday venue.  But as a photographer, my workday venue is to take pictures, so I never quite leave my job fully behind.

I thought about this bit of irony while spending a few peaceful days on a quiet section of the California coast.  Personally, I have never been one to turn off that part myself that observes and looks at things as light,  shadows, shapes patterns and compositions.  And the quest to create is always there for me.

The quiet times of vacation give me the time to rejuvenate but also allow creative thoughts to flow, freeing me to photographically explore outside of the studio, nourishing seeds of ideas that are later developed into portfolio pieces & personal projects.  Having cameras in our possession at all times exponentially increases those opportunities to capture and create, and I find that what starts out as a vacation photo often becomes a welcome artistic endeavor.

After pointing my iphone out towards the Pacific Ocean to capture a typical vacation seascape, I was compelled to then point the camera downward at a section of rocks covered by seaweed that was bleached white by the sun and ocean salt.  I must have spent close to an hour exploring the beautiful textures that were in front of me.


The camera phone also comes in handy when your morning trail run leads you to a beautiful grove of trees just waiting to be captured with a large format 4×5 camera.


One evening, with the lack of light pollution and the fog resting out on the ocean far in the distance, I was reminded how beautiful the night skies are. I was compelled to set up the 35mm & tripod to capture what I can only see in planetariums in the city.


In the end, rejuvenation is not about escaping the rigors of creation.  It is about escaping the rigors that limit our creation: the tight schedules, the narrow specifics that dictate a desired look-and-feel.  It is about freeing our minds to go to memorable places.”

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