Two Artists and a Shared Fascination. Kevin Twomey Shares how Fellow Artist Mari Andrews Inspires Him.

It is not often that we get a window into what inspires a photographer.  So, when Kevin Twomey  shared this blog post with us, we were intrigued to see whom he credited with inspiring him.  Knowing Kevin and his work so well, it was no surprise when we read that it was Mari Andrews.  Mari is a talented and gifted artist and avid collector.  Her collections become her art and her art inspires many.

Here is what Kevin had to share about Mari Andrews and a day visiting her studio.

Mari Andrews, an artist who often works natural objects into her sculpture and installations, has been collecting things off the ground while on hikes for almost 20 years. I have been to her studio on occasion and have always been amazed at the collection she has amassed: jars full of lichen, manzanita berries, cactus spikes, acorns, eucalyptus and cypress pods, soil from everywhere she has traveled, as well as a few from the non­plant arena such as newt skeletons, shedded cicada shells, snakeskins, her cat’s whiskers, petrified dinosaur dung and a hornet’s nest, just to name a few.

For me there is a kinship, as a collector of nature ­sourced elements for use in my own artwork, yet also a fascination with how varied and unique to the artist the end results can be. There is a similarity in that we both showcase the often ­unobvious beauty of the things nature has left behind, yet that variable we call creativity still allows each artist to infuse his or her own unique talents and end up with a piece singular to them.

For the past 2 years I have been wanting to schedule a shoot at Mari’s studio, and recently I was finally able to spend an afternoon photographing some of her collection. Here are a few shots from that visit.

To view the work of Mari Andrews please link here.

Andrews_studio_cicada_shells Andrews_studio_hornet's_nest Andrews_studio_jars_01 Andrews_studio_newt Andrews_studio


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