Welcome Tim Tadder!

Well, not only do we have a new site that we are excited about, but we are now representing a new photographer,  Tim Tadder!  We are feeling very fortunate to be able to announce such a talented photographer on our roster.  Tim’s collection of sports imagery is what first attracted us to his work, and not just because of that Tom Brady image!  We can’t wait to show off everything that he does and introduce him to our clients.  Thank you Tim for partnering with us.

To help you get to know Tim Tadder, we have asked him to share Ten Things about himself that we do not already know.  Enjoy!

There some obvious well know facts about me floating around that are indeed true.  Things like; I am  closer to seven feet tall than I am  to six feet.  Or,  a little less obvious tidbit, that I spent a year in Appalachia photographing road side revivals, deer hunters, draft horse loggers, shamans and a man that claimed he prayed so hard it rained fish.

But did you KNOW,  I am double jointed in my toes, and can make my big toe turn 90˚? No, that one is absolutely not true, but I saw someone do that once and it wasn’t pretty.

Since I am writing this while watching Sunday football, my first answer isn’t too surprising….

1.I love football, especially the Ravens, with the 49ers a close second, but I’ll pretty much watch anyone and might possibly have seen every single Ravens play over the last five years, twice. To get the depth of my insane fandom, I’ve watched the most recent Super Bowl more times that I should share. I’m shamefully proud about it too..

2. I’m a Ravens fan because I grew up on the side lines of Baltimore Colt’s games holding the camera bag of my father, the team’s Photographer. I also played football from the age of 6 and at the College at William and Mary where I weighed 300lbs and played left tackle.

3. After I escaped W&M I flew to Adelaide, Australia and bought a motorcycle and drove 18000 km’s around the country including an insane idea of riding across the outback in summer. Something I’ll never forget was seeing the Southern Cross for the first time, cue the Crosby Stills & Nash…

4. Speaking of classic rock, I have a super vivid memory from my childhood, of riding in the back of a 1972 ford f150 listening to Seven Bridges Roads by the Eagles on a mist filled moon lit summer night. That memory and others from my summers spent on Isle Au Haut, Maine, make it my favorite place on Earth. I don’t make it back  there enough.

5. I  moved to Encinitas, a small beach town 80 miles south of LA, after living in Australia, and no matter where I go in the world, the moment I return I know I am home.

6. So much so I moved away from Encinitas, all the way to Ecuador, back to Baltimore, then Ohio, Colorado, and finally back to stay twelve years ago.

7. I fell in love with image making after printing a tri-x400 photo of a 80’s skate legend Lester Kasai doing a big backside air in my father’s darkroom, the appearance of an image on a previously blank sheet of paper is magic and still is, even though digital makes the process a whole lot simpler and powerful.

8. While teaching computer science to 7th and 8th graders at the Colegio Americano de Quito, in Ecuador, I taught myself how to use Photoshop, and fell madly in love with photography all over again. That was 1997 and its been a part of my process ever since.

9. I guess I should explain the last one, I was a teacher for five years, and taught in South America,  and I even coached a high school football team, we were bad, really bad, so I tend to block that part out…

10. Finally, I have a brown dog named Bailey, he’s super cool, you should meet him.

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