Kevin Twomey Shares How One Test Shot Led to a Job

Kevin Twomey understands the importance of testing and a recent shoot reminded him just how very important a test shot can be to landing future assignments.  When I heard that an old test shot led to an assignment, I asked him to elaborate some on how that happened for the blog.  Here is what he shared.

“As a photographer, I have found it is very important to flex your creative muscle. One of the ways that I do that is by adding personally ­motivated shots to my portfolio. The benefits provided by these experimental images cannot be over­-emphasized: they showcase my expertise, push me to explore new venues, and inspire future clients to work with me.

Recently I worked on a V­8 project with Y&R in NY where they had seen a test shot I had done a number of years ago and they wanted me to replicate it. It was a splash of orange juice in a glass set against a field of pastel green color. The agency’s concept was to replicate what I had done with an additional design in condensation on the outside of the glass.

As the project moved forward, it was revealed the client was quite attached to every single aspect of the splash they saw in my test so it was decided that we would use my actual test and shoot just for the condensation. This made the assignment easier on the photography end, needing to shoot only the design on the outside of the glass, but created a challenge on the retouching end.

Since the exact same glass that I used in my test was sitting on a prop shelf in the studio, my stylist Randy Mon just had to concentrate on getting the design & condensation to look good on the glass. After some Photshop manipulation by Sugar Digital, my old test shot had a new face lift. ”

To see more of Kevin’ssplashes, please link here


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