Careful and Deliberate Juxtaposed with Facebook and Instagram. Kevin Twomey Appreciates Beauty Regardless of the Tools.

Every weekend, I see the most glorious posts about Kevin Twomey’s weekend.  They are always in stark contrast to my soccer game, birthday party, carpooling weekends, so I often seek the images out just to live vicariously through him.  So, when he sent me a blog post to share about his adventures, I enjoyed it even more than I would any other post.  I felt like I was getting a little behind the scenes look at those gorgeous images and could pretend like I was there.

Here is what Kevin had to share.

“I post many images to Facebook about my wife and my weekend hikes around the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.  For my wife, these 8-12 mile jaunts are her power hikes, but for me, they are something more.  They are my chance to search for some small piece of nature that has fallen to the ground in the process of decay.

In comparison to the quick, wide-angle landscapes I snap with the iPhone and post on Instagram, these objects are artfully crafted, ascertaining the best side and capturing that with the Phase One equipment and a macro lens.  It is a process far more careful and deliberate, more intimate, than the casual point-and-shoot approach of my Instagram imagery.

Rather than applying one of the 20 general-purpose filters on a landscape shot as I do for Instagram, these pampered images are put through a meticulous retouching process in Photoshop, carefully inspected at 100% resolution, test printed and critiqued before I gingerly release them to the world.

If you put the starting and ending images side-by-side, the high level of processing becomes clear.  But it doesn’t matter how much manipulation I do, all my images share a common thread: my passion to find the beauty in whatever is in front of me, with whatever tools I have in my hand.”

To see more of Kevin’s photography, link here. To follow him on Instagram, search for Kevin2Me

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