Crowd Funding and the Power of Social Media- Leigh Beisch Shares a Positive Experience as a Contributing Photographer for a Popular Blog

Leigh Beisch is a visual contributor to Alder Yarrow’s popular wine blog,  The Essence of Wine.   Together, with Art Director/Stylist, Sara Slavin, they have created some beautiful imagery for the internationally recognized blog.  Recently, Leigh learned about the success of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to create a book of the blog.  It was so successful, as Leigh shares on her own blog, that it was overfunded!  

Here is what Leigh had to say on her own blog on the subject.

“For the past year I have been collaborating on a project with popular wine blogger Alder Yarrow. His writing, the subject matter and his formidable following online made the project very appealing. It proved to be an extremely gratifying subject to photograph over the course of a year. Working for a relatively new medium (the blog) was interesting as well. It’s potential for exposure is enormous, and yet because blogs generally are authored by one person and therefore reflect one person’s voice, they tend to allow for creativity and exploration.

The culmination of the project has taken book form. With that said, a Kickstarter campaign was launched and Essences of Wine is now over-funded. The beauty of crowd sourcing is that as an artist, writer, film maker, dancer, inventor, educator or whatever, you are not limited to the traditional avenues of getting your work out there- you have an opportunity to follow your creative instincts and see if there is an audience for it. This is important for all creatives and I am grateful that things like Kickstarter and Blurb Books have opened up the possibilities for both the creators and the audiences.”


LEIGH_BEISCH_NEW-WORK06_Vinography_Stinky_Cheese_Garlic_33039 LEIGH_BEISCH_NEW-WORK07_Vinography_Graphite_33023

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