If You Haven’t Discovered Photographer Tim Tadder, Link Here. If You Already Have, Link Here Anyway. This Interview Explains it All.

Once again, Alison McCreery of POP blog, uses her interviewing talents to get inside the mind of a photographer.  This time she does so with Tim Tadder.  She explores the path he took to become a photographer, his own creative vision, his dedication to personal projects and early lessons to name a few.  These first few paragraphs hooked me.  And, when I finished reading, I was just as humbled, all over again, as Alison says she was.

“We spoke early one morning for nearly two hours. Personable, genuinely nice, but focused and driven, I picked up on the qualities that contribute to his success: humility, gratitude, a relentless quality and a passion for his life as an artist not often found in one person. He also had a story to tell about not only the evolution of his imagery, but his personal challenges along the way.

We talked about how he got his start: from renting and driving a rented Cruise America RV on his first job to flying first class to the United Arab Emirates shooting a national ad campaign; finding humility and balance after a period of living like a rockstar; and of course about his work: what inspires his personal projects, how he built an international career with little to no marketing, and the role that a lifetime of competitive athletics has played in his work ethic, focus and drive.

Thank you to Tim for his time on this interview and for sharing so much with POP. I left the interview feeling humbled myself and with a deep respect for someone whom I had just met. And feeling inspired to pursue my dreams first and ask questions, if ever, later.”

Link here for the full article.

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