Two Talented Creatives Meet at a Collaboration Event and This Happens

In May of 2013, Tim Tadder was a guest speaker at a Behance event where the topic was Power of Collaboration.  In keeping with the event, he met Ash Thorp backstage while they were both waiting to speak.  For those of you who do not know Ash, his website describes him as ” a graphic designer, illustrator, artist and creative director for a multitude of media including feature films, commercial enterprises and print.  Wow.  For those of you that do know him, you are remembering the recognition he has received for his lead design on Total Recall and Ender’s Game as well as many other impressive titles.

As you would expect, Tim and Ash began speaking and realized that their thinking on creativity was aligned in their desire to make cool work happen.  They both created because they wanted to for the sake of creating and being unique, not for the sake of the next project.

After the event, Ash reached out to Tim and asked him if he wanted to collaborate on a personal project with him, an homage to Ghost in the Shell, the most popular and followed japanese anime created.  The result was a powerful global collaboration celebrating the original title sequence.

To learn more about the project and see the Behind the Scenes Video, link here.


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