Tim Tadder and Tecate Celebrate the World Cup. Hello Brazil!

In anticipation for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Tecate teamed with Tim Tadder to create a calendar.  But, they didn’t want it to be like any other calendar.   This calendar would feature athletic models performing the 12 most famous moves in soccer.

The challenge was to create dynamic images of the women in action but sill have a high level of female sexuality.  There was a balance between being true to
“the move” but at the same time showing the best of the models.  The theme of bringing the stadiums into the most common scenic views and blending them together was to pay homage to soccer “living” in Brazil, amongst the people, the places and the lifestyle.  The intersection was to create artistic photo illustrations generating anticipatory excitement for the world’s greatest sporting event.

It is no surprise, the calendar was very very successful.  I wonder why?!?

TECATE_SPAIN_v21TECATE_USA_v25 TECATE_RUSSIA_v26 TECATE_Nigera_alt_v17 TECATE_MEXICO_v24 TECATE_ITALY_v16 TECATE_GERMANY_v19 Tecate_England_ALT_v23 TECATE_COVER_v22 Tecate_Brazil_v28 TECATE_Agentina_ALT_v14 HOLLAND_rough_v18 FRANCE_alt4_v18


And if you are interested in a Behind the Scenes Video, this one is not to be missed. Just click on the photo below or this link.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.59.45 AM





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