An Art Buyer Asks Kevin Twomey What He Likes Shooting Most

I always enjoy thee pairings that Kevin Twomey makes with his imagery.  They are unexpected, unusual and often have a story behind it.  A recent pairing from two different client shoots got me wondering about how these two images came together.  Here is what Kevin shared with us.

“Recently an art buyer asked me what i liked shooting the most, commercially. It was actually impossible to answer this simple question in just a few words. The easy answer would have been, “anything” , but the deeper truth is that each shoot has its own intriguing aspects.

Technically­ challenging shoots have always been a favorite, where you have to approach the shoot from a scientific or engineering point of view in order to capture the shot the client is looking for.

Having access to unique specimens in museum collections is also up at the top of that list (like the skeleton of the saber­toothed cat) . Another recent memorable shoot was when Bicycling magazine asked me last month to photograph Specialized’s newest road bike for their July cover. Technically, it was fairly straightforward: shooting the bike against white. But as an avid road cyclist, I was absolutely giddy over the chance to hang out at Specialized for the day, shooting some really sleek bikes, getting a tour of the wind tunnel and working with a great design director, Jesse Southerland.

There is always that added bonus when you can incorporate an image from a project into your promotional material. After handing off the bicycle images to the client, I went through my portfolio trying to find where it would best fit in. Flipping through the pages I came to the saber­toothed cat and just loved the juxtaposition of the extinct animal and the ultra modern man­made object, both their frames crouched and ready to attack.

So, in the end, maybe the answer to the question of what i like to shoot the most is: just about everything from a few million years ago to now!”




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