A Last Minute Plan Makes a Client Very Happy. And, Who Wouldn’t Be With All That Chocolate?

I can’t stop looking at this latest series of images from Kevin Twomey.  And, it isn’t just because of the chocolate.  They are some of my favorite that he has created recently so I asked him to share what went into creating them.  Here is what he had to say.

“Sometimes projects can take an unexpected 180­degree turn right before a shoot. But with an open mind and a desire to explore (and an understanding that projects are actually a collaborative effort), you can come up with something really different and really good from what you had originally planned. A recent project with Guittard Chocolate was one such shoot.

During a conference call four days prior to the shoot, the client expressed a concern that they were not 100% comfortable that all the options had been explored regarding the visual concepts. Fortunately the call was on a Friday, so I took the opportunity of the weekend to do some exploration myself.

I had my assistant drip, dribble, pour, splatter, toss and whip chocolate around on a Saturday and by Monday, after presenting the test imagery to the Agency, we had new concepts to present to the client.

Garry Guittard, the owner of Guittard Chocolate and a man very passionate about his chocolate, liked the direction of one of the images: a single beater whipping chocolate around against a stark white background. The one thing lacking was the right tools to use. This is where Garry’s input was helpful. He talked about the tools that an Artisan chocolate maker would use and suggested working with those types of tools.

The day of the shoot, Garry walked in with some very old artisan tools to add to our collection of more commercially appropriate tools. We placed them into our rig that would spin the tools dipped in chocolate around and came up with the following imagery.

[I just love it when a last minute plan comes together]”


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