What One Question Did an Art Producer Choose to Ask a Photographer?

In preparation for our first ever Community Table with photographers, Brite Productons and I reached out to art producer friends to ask them the following question, “If you were able to ask a professional photographer just one question about our industry, what would it be?” 

Well, Suzee Barrabee, Director of Art and Print Production at Goodby Silverstein & Partners had a great one.  “What Makes a Shoot Special to You? What makes it more than just a “job” or something that pays the rent.”

When I put that question out to my group of photgraphers, Tim Tadder was the first to reply and within minutes too!  Here is what he had to say.

“When we get to work with creatives that hire us for our vision and accept our input and collaboration then a shoot is special. Many times creatives are not willing to take creative input and let the true vision of image making come to life. They get fixated on a comp and direct exactly to that image.

When planning a job too many creatives go dark and do not answer questions nor respond to collaborative production questions. Those are also signs that the creative is not checked into the shoot and possibly has too much on his/her plate to really make the shoot something special for him and thus us.

If a creative is super engaging and willing to go beyond the comp, 

the shoot takes on another dimension no matter the subject matter.

Then it is special. 

Otherwise we become a glorified craftsman

that executes to a diagram rather than an artist that is being commissioned to create. “

To see more of Tim Tadder’s work, please link here.


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