Kevin Twomey Appreciates LOW TECH.

Kevin Twomey has added to his LOW TECH series on Old Fashioned Calculating Machines and the new work is  gaining him new attention for the project.  I just love the irony that Wired Magazine featured the series on their blog this week.  They recognize that his “images are as complex as the machines” and goes on to share the details on how Kevin first came across these beautiful objects.

To read the post in its entirety, please link here.

To see the series in its entirety- please link here.

Twomey_01 Twomey_02 Twomey_03 Twomey_04 Twomey_05 Twomey_06 Twomey_07 Twomey_08 Twomey_09 Twomey_10 Twomey_11 Twomey_12 Twomey_13

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