Throw Back Thursday -Remember Tungsten Lighting?

Rather than share those awkward personal photos from way back when, I thought it would be fun to share some commercial photos that were created using techniques no one talks about anymore or styles we are all avoiding.  Leigh Beisch was the first in our group to bite and share some imagery she shot on her own while still assisting.  A testament to her true creative spirit, she received recognition in the 37th Communication Arts Photography Annual for Self Promotion.

Here is what she had to say about the work.

“This is work I did when I was just launching my career.  It was kind of experimental using tungsten lighting, gels and polaroids that I would under process.  I would  then color xerox them to distort the color more.  Kind of pushing things BEFORE all the advent of instagram and filters.  I entered these ( I was officially still assisting at the time) and they received recognition in the CA photo annual.   I consequently won a job shooting for Hewlett Packard through Saatchi which was kind of fun.  It showed me that it was good to go with your gut and to not be afraid to experiment. it isn’t always about shooting imagery that you think people are looking for, but more about what interests you and how you can push your own vision.”



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