Who Here Has Heard of Jolly Rancher and DJ Short? Come On, You Can Admit It.

A couple of months ago Kevin Twomey was approached by Senior Designer Teresa Diehl of Anthem to create some imagery for Terra Tech, one of their clients who recently rolled out a new brand, IVXX. The product? Medical Marijuana.

420, named after the Waldos of San Rafael who met after school at a particular statue to smoke weed at a particular time; 4:20 PM. It is evidently a great controversy as to how 420 came to be associated with pot-smoking.

It has been quite a few years since my days of smoking a bowl, but this project brought back some “hazy” high school memories, at the same time introducing me to the 21st century designer names such as; “Jolly Rancher” and “DJ Short Blueberry”.

Makes me wonder, “Whatever Happened to MaryJane?”…

BUD_DJ_Short_Blueberry_work_03_flat_01 BUD_cadillac_cookies__work_05_flat_01 the stylist's table

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