Tigers, Astronauts and Vegas? Tim Tadder Explains How Sometimes You Just Have to Do More.

Last summer, Tim Tadder shot a campaign to attract visitors to the CES show in Vegas.  As Tim says, the shoot involved a tiger, an astronaut and Vegas.  What wasn’t to love?  The craziest part was of course was photographing the tiger.  The behind the scenes video showcases it best.  The final images got Tim lots of attention, so much so, I asked him to write a blog post about it for us.  Here is what he had to say.

“I often get inspired by creative that comes across my desk to push it beyond the requested execution. Yes I know the client wants what the client wants, but maybe the client does not know that there is actually something else they might want more? This past year one such assignment presented itself. It called for a one day studio shoot, but to really bring the concept to life I wanted to leave the reservation and take it the next level.

My goal was to head out before the shoot, on my own time and dime, and shoot additional concepts and imagery that I felt would really elevate the creative and give the campaign an extra special edge. It was a no brainer, and I knew that the client would buy the images once they saw them, the image potential was just too good to mail it in and just do a one day studio shoot with this concept and client.

So I packed up my car, grabbed a fun assistant, a prop astronaut suit and headed off to Vegas the long way. Yep how often does creative come across your desk that puts astronaut, a tiger, and vegas, all in the same subject line. You almost have to run with that right?

The creative called for a very illustrative CGI heavy space scene to attract people to the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), but in between the lines I saw a story, a narrative if you will, and I wanted to show the agency how I could take this single image campaign and turn it into a multi image narrative that would span across interactive, social media, print, and OOH.

The Astronaut was the protagonist, that was being drawn from the moon to CES. The studio shoot would cover the moon and the tiger, but I wanted him on his journey all the way to vegas, the long desert roads, the beautiful landscapes, the welcome to Vegas sign shenanigans, walking the strip late at night, drinking one of those Vegas cliches drinks, how could you not?

Just so happened that our wardrobe stylist Shannon Amos, was already in Vegas so she agreed to join the fun. We shot for just one day and night in and around Vegas. Small light and fast. The images were great, and we had nothing but fun, just the three of us and a space suit. The client bought 25 additional images. Boom! Thats fun!”

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