Tim Tadder’s New Series is Going Viral. Click Here to Check Out Why.

Tim Tadder is known for creating series of images that are unlike any other.  To do so, he discovers artists that inspire him and partners with them to concept ideas that push beyond the typical photograph. For this series, he collaborated with LA artist, Krisztianna.  She creates Dia De Los Muertos sculptures and when Tim saw them he was inspired to create imagery with her.  And, what they created is stunning. So much so, the recent series is going viral.  Sites like Bored Panda, Demilked and Colossal are blowing up the internet with it.  Art Fido’s Instagram with close to 500K followers even picked it up.  It has already been shared close to 20,000 times and retweeted to over 1 million followers.

Here is the link to his Behance portfolio which features all of the imagery.


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