Tim Tadder: Southern California’s Avant-Garde Maverick

I have always said that the single most important thing a commercial photographer should do is to shoot personal work. Without it, there is no creative spark, no inspiration, no inventory, no work to show.  This idea is not a hard one to sell to any successful photographer.  In fact, those that are the most successful at their craft takes this very seriously. And, Tim Tadder is no exception.  A recent APA National interview showcases Tim Tadder and asks him to explain the inspiration for recent projects such as Dias De Los Muertos and Couture Children.  It also explores what it means to have a family and still be so committed to personal work as well as if there is a photo he has been trying to make for a long time but hasn’t yet.

Thank you APA for appreciating what it takes to be a successful commercial photographer and showcasing the amazing work of so many different photographers. We feel fortunate that you chose Tim this time!

To read the article in its entirety and see what other questions Tim is asked, link here.



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