Freelance Friday: Showcasing Freelance Art Producer Laura Roeper

In an effort to promote the website, we have started Freelance Friday.  The purpose is to promote the freelancers on the site so as to gain more attention for them and the others trying to get hired.  So, from now on, when a freelancer on the site provides us with a blog post, we will promote it on a Friday. 

Today, we are featuring Laura Roeper, an art producer that worked at creative agencies around Chicago for 13 years before she ventured into the freelance world. Her favorite place to produce is on location in Chicago in the summer but she has a love for all things production and will travel anywhere for a shoot.

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Ten Things We Thought Were Intersting to Ask Laura Roeper

Where are you searching for photography or other content needs nowadays?

I still use the Workbook and various rep company pages. Also sites like Behance, Foundfolios and Alt Pix. I do a lot of research looking at credit lines in high fashion/home/cooking magazines to find photographers that have editorial experience but may not be working with ad agencies. That is always a great way to bring a fresh look and eye to a campaign. I also use Instagram.

What are you known for in the art buying/producing world?
A complete no nonsense style. I try to be as fair as possible when negotiating and honest about budget and timing. The idea of making someone do an estimate 5x to get to a ballpark price when I already know it is a time waster for both of us.

Do you have a motto?
Honesty is the best policy. An old one, but one that is so applicable when working in this industry.

How about a favorite place to produce a shoot?
Outdoors in Chicago in the summer. Sometimes brutally hot, but so many choices. From beach fronts, to forest preserves, to rooftop decks to amazing parks. Every scenario can be done in one city. There are so many hidden neighborhoods that can be unique and amazing.

If you decided not to art produce any longer, what would you choose to do?
I am a fine artist and always felt blessed to work in an industry that is creative. I would be a jewelry designer if I were not producing. I also like styling and am able to do that too.

How do you describe your job to your mom or someone else not in the industry?
I manage photo shoots and video/TV content for ad agencies/clients. This includes budget, scheduling, finding models, negotiating pay for photographers and models and making sure the end result is done on time and without going over budget. Sometimes I show an ad in a magazine as a visual tool and explain how it got there, starting with a white paper concept!

What are some surprising facts about you that you would like to share?
Besides art, I am interested in health, yoga and alternative healing. The opposite of the ad world and a totally different environment! I also have been a vegetarian for 17 years and no I am not going back to eating meat and no I do not miss it!

What is the last piece of creative that caught your attention?
The cover of Bazaar with Rihanna and the shark from Jaws (Norma Jean Roy– photographer) was fab.

What do you love about your job?
The variety of each assignment. With freelancing, I love to travel to other cities to do shoots and feel like meeting and hiring crew and keeping in touch is such a fun bonus of work.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Taking walks outside on different trails in and around the city. Chicago has way more nature than people assume. In the winter lazing around and I have to admit, Netflix!

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  1. Here I go, gushing again. But I really do think that this is a great series – and FreelanceArtProducer is a wonderful service to all art buyers out there. What I like about Freelance Friday is that it gives Art Producers the opportunity to present themselves to the community, and the community learns about what makes them tick. Happy Friday!

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