Tim Tadder Shares: A Last Minute Production Change Leads to Unexpected Imagery.

Tim Tadder has been on a mission to create as much new, inspirational work as he can this year.  And, to do so, he needs to look at every situation as an opportunity.  Recently, there was a last minute location change for a shoot that would have made many other photographers panic.  Not Tim. Instead he rallied his team and found the perfect solution for their situation.  And, in doing so, created some incredible unintended imagery that is getting him a lot of attention.  

When we asked him about it, here is what he had to say.


“We all know that clients want as much value as they can get from every shoot. Doing more with less seems to be the norm. Libraries, motion, BTS, and b-roll – ie off concept captures are very common requests.

We all understand this and of course want to be accommodating whenever possible.  But, we also understand that what is desired is often not possible.  Hell, I want to be 25 again, but I’m not going to wake up 5 years younger (wink). So, as a photographer,  how do you remain flexible and collaborative while at the same time balancing the clients desires with realities.

A recent shoot presented many of those mentioned challenges. The client desired that we shoot 15 professional athletes back to back with three distinct setups, including in action, POS with product, and dynamic portraits. Mix in that we are limited to a provided space, that was only twenty feet square with 8 foot ceilings. Think conference room and think big athletes with no room for multiple sets, no room for running and no room for jumping.

The space was going to be an issue and a major problem that needed a solution. We bid the job for a proper stage and we planned accordingly by prepping a workflow that would deliver a win with that in mind.  But, two days before the shoot the space went from a stadium to a hotel conference room.

Here is where we needed to be flexible but also firm. We explained to the client that a new plan was required and the shots needed some new configuring; as certainly holding a trophy over their heads in an 8 foot high room was not going to work. Our firmness was important to let the client know that what they originally planned was going to be difficult.  Our flexibility came into play by suggesting traveling to the shoot a day early, pulling the team together for a late night pre-light and planning session to figure out how to deliver what the client needed, and then some.


Our flexibility led to configuring the space like a Swiss Army Knife.  Doing so allowed us to maximize the space and provide them not only the three looks they requested but some extra shots as well!   And, they were only possible because we diligently prepared for success.

Those extra shots are my favorite.  Those few minutes of extra time with each athlete allowed us to capture some really strong portraits, in dramatic lighting which led to the double exposure effect of the final images below.

In the end being honest about the realities and open to finding solutions is all that one can really count on for success.”


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