Are Printed Promos Dead? It Seems Not.

Leigh Beisch absolutely loves printed promos pieces.  Each one is a reflection of Leigh’s own aesthetic, what she is inspired by at the moment and of course her new work.  She works very closely with a designer so that they are in keeping with her brand and showcases her imagery perfectly. If you receive a Leigh Beisch promo, it is not mistaking that is from her.

Recently, Leigh shared her thoughts on printed promos on her own blog.  Here is what she had to say.

Are Printed Promos Dead?  It Seems Not.
By Leigh Beisch

There have been discussions for a number of years about how clients ( art buyers, art directors, designers, photo buyers, producers) find out about a photographer’s work. Now there are so many ways for them to find work. Current thinking suggests that the printed promo is obsolete. That clients don’t like receiving all that mail because then they need to find a place to store it. The computer – and now I would say the smartphone – has done away with the old school method of opening up a file cabinet or box and sifting through all the promos that have been sent.

I send them anyway. I personally still like print (despite the extra time that my team and I spend working with our printer to get the colors and tones just right) I like the physicality of them and I guess so do some of my clients! In fact one of them was sweet enough to send me a photo of his office wall covered in my promos! This blew me away- it made all that work worth while. There is something so validating about knowing that your work is not just selling your client’s products, but people are enjoying it as well!

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