Chris Crisman Explores on Camera What It Means to Photograph Subjects in Their Spaces

Chris Crisman is not only an incredibly talented photographer, but as it turns out, a wonderful speaker as well.  Chris has been getting a great amount of due attention for his recent project Women at Work which as you could guess, features portraits of hard working women thriving in occupations typically dominated by men.


Chris was recently featured on the incredibly popular tutorial site in a short documentary that goes behind the scenes of a Woman at Work shoot with Nancy Poli, of Stryker Farms in Saylorsburg, PA, and details his career as a photographer.

The mini-documentary, “Subjects in Their Spaces”, shows how Chris was able to go from throwing the javelin for the University of Pennsylvania, to becoming the internationally renown photographer he is today.  In addition to his life’s story, Chris talks about his work: how a Rolling Stone cover of Britney Spears changed his life, how he manages his ever growing team, how his children have allowed him to see the world through new eyes, and how he gets “the most human connection out of the person and then also get the most power out of the space and then balance that through the pictures”.

Be sure to link on the video below to learn more about Chris and how he shoots.


To see more of Chris Crisman’s work, including the most recent Women’s Work imagery, please click on the links.








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