Rebranding Alaska Airlines with Tim Tadder and Mekanism

When Alaska Airlines merged with Virgin America, they hired Mekanism to help them re-brand their partnership. The plan was to come up with a look that had a young, energetic vibe and to launch in all the places that Alaska flies on the west coast and all the places Virgin flies around the US. Then, Mekanism hired Tim Tadder and together they created outdoor, airport take overs, print, banners, social and email campaigns. The results have been hugely positive with everyone from current and new customers to employees talking about how much they love the campaign.

The imagery looks simple but the task was to create a theme for each destination such as New Orleans, LA, NYC etc. So that meant over 60 different concepts and this was all over 5 days.

The single most important part of this shoot was the collaboration between the photography team, the agency and the client. It was important to be versatile within each individual situations without getting overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Tim had to be able to relate to the different needs for each concept and be able to fluidly move from one to the next. Each shot had a different approach and he would have to reset the energy and emotion so he could evoke the appropriate responses to the talent. And, if the shot wasn’t working Tim would offer up options and engage the client and the agency and together they would come up with ideas on how to make it work. The clients felt like they were part of the process and they were appreciative.

When we asked art producer James Sablan why Tim got the job, James said, “Besides that we had wanted to shoot with him for a long time, he nailed the treatment. He obviously understood the project and was willing to be collaborative.”

Thank you to everyone at Mekanism, including James Sablan, Ellen Filteau, Laura Wimer and Helena Schlesinger as well as the amazing clients at Alaska Airlines. And, as well to the flawless production support at Production on 5th along with the incredible props team! Thank you for the incredible opportunity. We could have not done it without you!


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