Celebrate Valentine’s day with some color!

 This post was written by our good friend Leigh Beisch for her blog here.  After doing her own research to find out more about the origins of Valentine’s day, she discovered it has slightly dark roots. So she decided, in a way only Leigh can, to celebrate the day with color. And donuts. Thanks Leigh!

Valentine’s Day. Being a person who is fixated on truth and originality, I always find myself wanting to reveal the origins of everything. Peek beneath the surface. Wanting to know why are things this way. I wanted to know the origins of Valentine’s Day. Not just the Hallmark Card version of the holiday.  I discovered that between Feb 13-15 the Ancient Romans used to celebrate a feast of Lupercalia.  The men would whip women with slain animal hides (lovely!). The women considered the whipping to make them fertile.  The celebration included matchmaking by drawing names from a jar which led to “coupling” for the duration of the festival.

The name Valentine is thought to have come from the Roman executions of two men named Valentine on Feb. 14 of different years. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the Celebration of St Valentine’s day.I chose to honor the day slightly differently- with color. Love of color and whimsy. Here goes- Donuts done differently. Drenched in color. Happy Valentine’s Day- no whipping or execution. Just color!

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