Inspired By Instagram: A post by Leigh Beisch

Another thoughtful blog post by our colleague Leigh Beisch. Leigh has always found inspiration from her parents, both working in creative fields, which led her to think about life from a visual perspective. She has always tried to figure out how to best communicate ideas in unique ways which she uses to bring out beauty in society full of messaging and imagery. She believes that art can heal and her passion for food is one way that she works to engage with others. This post is just one example of how she uses food to connect.  Thank you Leigh! Read more here

“Instagram has become important to me. Not only do I keep in touch with friends, family, clients and colleagues, I have been able to create a virtual online gallery of things that inspire me. I follow brands whose product or advertising I like, I follow people who are passionate about food, I follow artists, galleries and even malls that have compelling imagery. So I peek at it a few times a day and get inspired by what is out there. One thing that I have been drawn to are the fantastic, layered breakfast bowls that are so prevalent (at least on my feed.) The colors and textures just make eating breakfast look fun, and as someone who tends to not always have the time for breakfast, this is big. So, inspired by the playfulness, the beauty and the natural healthiness of these bowls, we decided to create a few fun ones. “


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