Tim Tadder: Nothing To See

In striving to approach his work with originality every time, Tim Tadder believes in never taking the foot off the gas pedal when looking for inspiration.  And, he didn’t have to look too far for this series.

“Nothing to See is an expression of anxiety and frustration of America’s current sociopolitical landscape. It is a statement against the acceptance of ignorance. A statement against the social complicity to the White House. Outside forces are blinding and suffocating our most precious freedoms. We are told by a clown there is nothing to see. We are told truth is “Fake News” and everything is wonderful. We are simultaneously being deprived, violated, and comforted. We are on the verge of nuclear war. Natural disasters related to climate change occur with seasonal frequency, yet political forces are imploding the Environmental Protection Agency. Nothing to See represents the cradling comfort of lies and boldly illustrates assaults on freedom of speech, civil rights, and one another. “

Attached is a 3mb pdf of the series that recently has been making the rounds and starting conversations at galleries nationwide.


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