At Home With Leigh Beisch + SFGirlByBay

Growing up, Leigh Beisch‘s house was filled with inspiration. From stacks of fashion and literary magazines, to stories and visits from well known photographers and writers. It’s no wonder then that when designing her own home, she reached out to the talented and creative friends in her life that continue to inspire her. Thank you SfGirlByBay for sharing her story. And to Philippine Scali and Peggy Wong for your style.

Victoria Smith, SFGirlByBay, has long been inspired by Leigh Beisch’s photography style. When Leigh collaborated with photographer Peggy Wong and stylist Philippine Scali to shoot her personal home, they invited Victoria to share in the shoot, who could not wait to be a part of the project. Victoria describes Leigh’s home as “a victorian flipped on its past and reinvented as a modern, serene, and whitewashed palette perfect for an artist to build on”.

Leigh’s photography of food has demonstrated a need for simplicity which can also be seen in her home, Smith writes, “in designing her home, Leigh looked to involve a team of talented and creative friends whose personal style and work has been inspiring her throughout her career as a photographer, and so first reached out to her close friend art director, stylist and merchandiser Philippine Scali (who’s also been instrumental in helping me launch Super Marché!).”

Read more about Victoria’s experience on this shoot and her interpretation of Leigh’s home here.

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