Shawn Michienzi is Now An Award Winning Dog Wrangler

Shawn Michienzi believes that when you start with a great idea, the process should be effortless. And it’s his job to make it look that way.  Well, Shawn, his team and the talent at David&Goliath did just that on this project for Vizio.  And, Communication Arts noticed.

When Shawn learned he won the award, he shared this great story about his long relationship with CA, and not just as a photographer.

“Looking back, I realized it’s been a nice relationship with CA and I. It was somewhere around 1983 that I first happened to see the magazine and a cover article on photographer Terry Heffernan. Having just moved to SF, I sought out Terry’s studio and ended up working for him for the next 4-years. A once in a lifetime experience to be in SF at that time, working with people doing great work for clients who were always fighting for great ideas and design.

It was in ’86 that I made into the first Photo Annual, but not as a photographer, but when Terry used me as talent for one of his photos.

And it was in ’89 that I received my 1st certificate and over fifty since then spanning the Photo, Design and Ad Annuals. What a ride.  Thank you Communication Arts!”

Link here to the back story for these images.…/4/10/vizio-for-david-goliath

Retouching by Brad Palm
Casting by Catherine Eng

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