Photographer Chris Crisman Snags Award-Winning Photo Highlighting COTTON USA


Sledge Taylor for Cotton Council International. Photographer: Cris Crisman

The COTTON USA campaign from Cramer-Krasselt sheds light on farmers and researchers who are on the cutting edge of and dedicated to sustainable farming. C-K’s team tapped Chris Crisman for the campaign. Being that Crisman is inspired by people who work with their hands and those that forge their own paths, they believed he could “showcase the true essence of the farmers’ lives.”

“When photographing someone in their space, you have this beautiful play between their real environment and how they behave therein,” says Crisman. “And beyond that, there’s a little bit of magic that happens because they’re just comfortable. They’re behaving as themselves…I’m always going somewhere I’ve never been to make the most important portrait that’s ever been created of that person, helping them establish their story.”

Thank you to Communication Arts for recognizing the image created out of such meaningful connections.

Learn more about Chris’s experience here and follow him on Instagram to see more stories come to life.

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