Leigh Beisch Continues to Explore Foods + Moods with Kids Food Blogger Katie Morford

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Leigh Beisch uses imagery to explore how food and family can nourish and nurture and currently she is on a journey exploring foods that promote optimism. Last month, Leigh introduced her Foods + Moods photo study demonstrating how beautiful imagery can equate to a sense of health and well-being. Now she’s back to show us how it’s done with kids!

Leigh’s Foods + Moods project was inevitable. She reveals it was born from a reflection of nutrition and healing foods through much of her childhood and her mother’s fight with cancer.  In this, her second installment of Foods + Moods, Leigh tackles another subject near and dear to her heart: foods for kids. Leigh has an interest in nutritional solutions for her daughter with ADHD and is always seeking ways to get her to eat the foods she needs to support better brain function and attention. Enter Katie Morford, a registered dietician, and creator of Moms Kitchen Handbook.  Katie offers nutritional solutions as well as information backed by a brain health expert.

Leigh and Katie collaborated to make good-for-you foods not only beautiful but accessible as well. The result makes brain food look fun, inviting, and something even the pickiest eaters would devour.

Leigh Beisch Mikhael Romain Katie Morford

We asked Leigh how shooting foods for kids differed from her past photo shoots. Here is what she had to say:

This photo series is the second in a series of Food + Mood shoots. How did you approach shooting kid centered foods that feed the brain vs. your previous expression of foods that heal the body?

“In collaborating with a different food blogger, especially one that specializes in kid’s foods, the approach was inherent. The styling of the food was more playful since kids are more likely to eat food that looks fun. We extended that playfulness with the lighting and the composition. We were sensitive to developing ideas that integrated foods that were healthy, but picky kids would eat. To that end, we paid careful attention to texture and color knowing the wrong thing could set off alarm bells for kids.”

Leigh Beisch  Mikhael Romain Katie Morford

How did you make sure to tie the images together so that they remained under the Food + Mood umbrella?

“The way I shoot, with natural light, bright color and clean, simple compositions tie the bodies of work together. I keep things bright and reflect the positivity that certain foods can promote.”

Is there another extension of this project coming? Anything you can share?

“Foods + Moods is a concept that has many applications, and I am excited to explore them. I have a range of clients from beverage (wine, beer, and spirits) to kids food, produce to retail. I like to see how some of the subjects that I have worked with can have the Foods + Moods application and where we can go with it. Wine and spirits have been on my mind so you may see a Foods + Moods treatment.”


Leigh Beisch Mikhael Romain Katie Morford

In collaboration with food blogger Katie Morford of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, Leigh created amazing images that appeal to the kid in everyone! Leigh’s daughter was diagnosed with ADHD some time ago and she turned to the power of food. She learned that proper nutrition can support brain function among other cool things. Katie also shared her connection to foods + moods in her conversation with Dr. Annie Fenn in the connection with diet and Alzheimer’s disease.

Check out the beautiful imagery Leigh and Katie were able to create in this installment of Foods + Moods. And this delicious recipe for Carrot Mango Smoothie on Kate’s blog Mom’s Ktichen Handbook.

Leigh Beisch Mikhael Romain Katie Morford

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