Sips That Heal The Body, Soul and Mind: Leigh Beisch Explores More Foods + Moods with Aromatics

Leigh Beisch’s upbringing with an advertising creative director dad and a fashion industry turned poet mom, meant learning about life from a visual perspective. Since she believes that art can heal, her passion for food, wellness, art, and social causes fuels all that she does. Leigh embarked on a photo study of foods that promote optimism, titled Foods + Moods. This is a personal project where she aims to demonstrate how beautiful imagery can equate to a sense of health and well-being.

The first installment focused on foods that help the body heal through serotonin-rich foods. The second photo study extended the idea to foods for kids. Specifically, Leigh highlighted and presented foods that help the brain function and focus. Today she brings us another photo series of Foods + Moods incorporating aromatics, with a twist.


We spoke to Leigh about the latest view of Foods + Moods and what inspired it.

“I wanted to shoot aromatics as part of the Foods + Moods series because of their flavor, depth, and of course their healing powers. At first, I wanted to showcase the abundance of colors aromatics bring during this time of year.”

Leigh was discussing the project with a food stylist with whom she works with quite often.

“He spends a lot of time hiking around the Bay Area and is familiar with the local ‘crops.’ We were talking about how the San Francisco Bay area was home to the Miwok Indians. These people lived off the land. They foraged for ingredients that grew wild to both nourish and heal them. Come fall time; the common ingredients were berry-like, dark in color, inky and red. Also prevalent were healing and scented leaves. Of note, there were rose hips, the remnants of beautiful wild roses.”

After this discussion, Leigh realized there needed to be more context to this collection. While aromatics was the focus, Leigh also wanted to inject some fun with mixology. She wanted to show how these ancient ingredients the ancestors of the region used to nourish and heal, could appear in drinks. The result: “Aromatics: Sips that heal the body, the soul, and the mind.”



In all her work, Leigh Beisch aims to show how beautiful imagery can equate to a sense of health and well-being. We asked for a sneak-peek into what might come next in the Foods + Moods study. Her answer: “rumor has it there are optimistic wines.” Stay tuned.

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